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Branding and Business Consulting

Branding is not just about colors and structure is not all about hierarchy. Every aspect has a distinct value. These values are like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. To place every piece in its place, one must visualize the complete picture and create it taking one step at a time.

We achieve this with 3 rules in mind – creativity, commitment, and research.

Branding and Business Consulting

Branding is not just about colors and structure is not all about hierarchy. Every aspect has a distinct value. These values are like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle. To place every piece in its place, one must visualize the complete picture and create it taking one step at a time.

We achieve this with 3 rules in mind – creativity, commitment, and research.

Business Structure

Choosing a business structure that best suits your business type is a complicated task. You must be able to understand the different types of business structure as well as their advantages and disadvantages. This decision impacts every aspect of your business from the day-to-day operations to taxes. You should choose a business structure that gives you the right balance of legal protections and benefits. Your business structure affects how much you pay in taxes, your ability to raise money, the paperwork you need to file, and your personal liability.

At Bizness Pros LLC, we use our knowledge and expertise to help you establish a business structure that will benefit you in the long run and positively influence your brand, employees, and customers. Our team of business consultants determines the best option for your enterprise based on relevant research and analysis. We ensure you never have to run into any legal or administrative challenges in the future.

Brand Identity

What comes to your mind when you see the image of a half-eaten apple or a swoosh? These simple images have become the most recognized brand identities of 2 major players – Apple and Nike. A brand identity is constituted by the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that distinguishes the brand from its competitors in the minds of the consumers. A brand identity is the face of a brand and it should be done right.

At Bizness Pros LLC, we create a brand identity by trying to understand your brand’s purpose, strategy, and positioning. Our brand management system includes style guides, research, and innovation – components that have been crucial to creating successful brand identities. Our aim is to create a personality for your brand that leaves a lasting impact on your consumers and, eventually, evolves as a legacy.


Trademarks include names, logos, designs, and taglines, like brands, products, services, and insignias. A trademark may be a business’ most valuable and important asset. Countless hours and endless resources can be spent promoting a trademark to make sure that people know your name, your company, your product, your services, and your brand. Therefore, trademarks must be properly protected.

It’s extremely important to obtain trademark protection. Trademarks can be applied to the name of your company, your company’s logo, the name of a product or service and much more. Business owners can obtain trademarks at the federal and state level; this type of protection prevents others from stealing the goodwill associated with your company, service or product’s name! Obtaining a trademark can take months at the federal level, and there are numerous pitfalls to avoid in order to ensure that your proposed mark will obtain trademark protection. The law office will provide the trademark search, your trademark application and customize your trademark application to give you the best chance of securing a federal trademark registration.

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Logo Design

Logos have a powerful symbolic association with an organization. It can grab a consumer’s attention quicker than any aspect of brand symbolism. A well-thought and designed logo can communicate the selling point of the product or service. Take the automobile brand Jaguar for instance. Every person associates a jaguar with speed, power, and regality, which makes a jaguar the perfect logo for the brand because it clearly implies the brand’s slogan –  ‘grace, space, and pace’.

How do we create a logo that will reflect your company’s USP and values? We begin by understanding your product, audiences, and competition. We establish a brand identity and our creative advertising team brainstorms to create a logo that compliments your brand, its identity, and its position in the market – not just today but for years to come

Competitive Research & Recommendations

Market research is a complex task but extremely critical in launching a product or a brand. Competitive and thorough market research assesses the market to identify customers, key players, and other factors that influence the growth of the business.

Our marketing team follows a specified protocol to conduct full-proof market research. The data we acquire helps us design a marketing strategy, brand identity, and the ideal medium to interact with consumers. All this combined refines the current performance of the brand and makes an impactful launch of a new brand. Our data enables us to provide you with recommendations to guide you in making better business decisions and adopt any corrective measures. all the information you need to make a better business decision.


Brochures are simple to produce, cost-effective, easy to distribute, and effective. Even though digital marketing has dominated marketing methods, conventional techniques like brochures and newsletters continue to be trustworthy references. Flyers and brochures convey details about factors that are sure to attract your customers.

As a part of our print marketing collateral, we create flyers, brochures, and posters that are quick reference guides highlighting the important aspects of your products or services. We use the colors, fonts, content, and graphics that are in line with your brand identity and will appeal to your audience.

Company Presentations

Not many seem excited when they are told they have to attend a presentation. That’s because presentations can be boring if not done right. It is easy to lose the attention of viewers if your presentation looks like a novel projected on a screen.

Company presentations play a deciding role in conveying ideas, especially in a B2B business model. A company presentation has to be well-organized, brief, and compelling. Presentations contain diagrams, images, flowcharts, graphs and so on. As professionals, we know what a successful presentation requires. We understand what information the viewers are looking for and which is the most convincing way to give them that information.


Hosting an event is no challenge. Hosting an event successfully is the challenge. An event is successful when you have convinced your customers to attend the event and made them feel that they have entered your world. They see your brand, your products, your services, and every piece of necessary information around them. An event allows your customers to connect with you at a personal level, inquire about your offerings, and understand what’s in it for them.

That’s called event brand management. And that’s what we do. Perfectly.

We believe events should be resourceful and add to your brand’s reputation. Our professionals develop event branding strategies that aim at driving sales and increasing awareness about your brand. There are several ways to build engagement with customers during events but our aim is to figure out the most cost-effective and productive methods. There is no one formula that can make an event successful enough for your customers to remember. Our professionals know how to do that.

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